Get Smart Mentoring for Teens

Get Smart Girls
I loved this workshop! it really inspired me. I learned to stay true to yourself and ways to not let others bring me down. This is important because if we compare ourselves to others, we will never be who we are.
Megan, 9th grader
I just feel so much better. I realize that I am human and I have flaws. When you are around just girls and you can talk about things you will definitely learn about yourself. I would say to other girls that you will feel awesome after you work with Get Smart. You will learn to accept yourself.
Joyce 8th grader
I loved Get Smart. Before I thought nobody cared about me because of my weight. I learned that I am perfect the way I am. Get Smart taught me to love who you are because your beauty is inside
Shana 8th grader
Get Smart taught me a lot about staying positive and reminded me that I am important. I learned about self-respect while also having fun
Crystal 8th grader