Get Smart Mentoring for Young Adult Women

Get Smart Girls
I believe in Get Smart because I believe in myself. Get Smart is an organization that empowers girls to be their genuine selves while opening their hearts and minds to growth and pursuit of their biggest dreams. Stephanie and Alexa act as mentors, role models, and catalysts for inspiration to girls and women of all ages. With their leadership and the foundation Get Smart provides people with what they need to create or unravel their true self.
Nicole Gittleman, Social Media Professional
I am a Get Smart Gal because I want to reach out to anyone who is looking to be inspired and create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. EVERYONE has the ability to better themselves; all they need is a spark and the inspiration to WANT to make changes in their lives. I hope that through my involvement with Get Smart that others will find it in themselves to want to make a transformation in their own lives.
Kate Elman, 27 Special Education Teacher
The most important insight I have have during my time at Get Smart was that there are so many women all over the world who think and feel both very similarly to me and very differently from me, this helped me gain tremendous perspective.
Lisa Jaume, Former Get Smart Intern