Project Description

Mia James ~ Intern Coordinator

Mia1.jpg-169x300Mia is a graduate from Sacred Heart University where she majored in sociology. Mia is a graduate student at NYU pursuing a masters in High Education and Student Affairs. She is also employed by NYU as a graduate assistant for new and transitioning student programs. She is excited to be working to empower young women and is impressed and so happy to be in the company of such great women. Mia loves to use her talents, passions and stories to inspire, empower and impact others.

Mia served Get Smart as an intern during the summer of 2014. Seeing the possibility of it’s scope and reach, Mia helped bring the intern program to a national  level and now assists by coordinating Get Smart interns through developing training and mentorship aspects of the program.

An excerpt from one of Mia’s previous articles:

get-smart_horizontal_color_web_lgGet Smart is powerful. Get Smart is fierce. Get Smart is extraordinary.

Get Smart has challenged me to awaken the thoughts that are often drowned out by the everyday hustle and bustle of being a 20-something graduate student. My constantly quick pace sometimes results in a lack of honest reflection about who I am and where I am going because well, I am always “going, going, going…”

Get Smart stopped me dead in my tracks, and smacked me awake. I was living and breathing but I was in no way in control of my own positivity or happiness, let alone thriving. Get Smart gave me the purpose to reflect on my experiences, how I felt, what I thought, what I wanted and where I was going, and sit with them long enough to craft a message to other women. That is powerful.

Get Smart would not allow me to continue sulking and feeling “done.” It shook me awake and empowered me to take control of my own life and happiness. Fierce. Get Smart taught me that I have the power to not only change my own perspective but also help to change the perspectives of others by sharing my thoughts and advice. This, the most important of any lesson Get Smart has taught me, is extraordinary.

I realized that I was not alone and that there is a network of wonderful, compassionate, intelligent and amazing women who intentionally share their thoughts, stories and words of advice with other women to help, inspire and motivate each other along our crazy, wonderful, passionate and sometimes down-right difficult journeys. That my friends, is Get Smart.