The Get Smart Profile

What is the “Get Smart Profile?”

The Get Smart Profile is a set of ideals or guiding principles that inform all of our programs and services. Through careful evaluation, observation, experience, and paying attention to the latest trends and research, members of our team have identified important areas for young women to focus us. We at Get Smart firmly believe that when young women choose to look at and live life from the Get Smart profile that are wiring themselves for happiness, success, and a healthy sense of self. We’ve articulated the profile for teens as well as young adult women

A Get Smart Girl is…For Teens


• You respect yourself and your body, setting boundaries for others to do the same.

• You have LIVE conversations and don’t rely on texting to be the main form of communication in your most important relationships.

• You understand that developing yourself as a person is as important as achieving academic success.

• You make good decisions that honor your true self…and for the times you don’t do this, you recognize, reflect, and learn from your experiences.


• You know that the world is bigger than your school, town, and state. You seek to make a difference with people in need.

• You use social media for GOOD not for GOSSIP or harm.

• You make time to participate in service or awareness raising activities.

A Leader

• You know that education will get you anywhere and help you to become a leader who makes a difference.

• People can count on you to keep your commitments.

• You mentor other young women


A Get Smart Gal is…. For Young Adult Women


• You are comfortable in your own skin, accepting your perfect imperfection.

• Your relationships honor you. You talk rather than text about the things that matter.

• You understand that emotional intelligence is as important as intellectual ability.

• You make decisions that reflect the truth of your evolving identity. You are patient with yourself as you navigate young adulthood. You use self-reflection to help you continue to grow into who you are.


• You are conscious about current events and social issues that affect our world and you get involved in causes that are important to you.

• You communicate responsibly to others in person and through social media.

• You make time in your busy schedule to participate in service or awareness raising activities.


A Leader

• You step up to the plate in your university or workplace and effectively lead others whether it is in a bold or quiet way.

• You are reliable. You keep your word. You develop your intuition.

• You mentor other young women.