Project Description

Our Mission

Young Women on a MISSION!

getsmartgirls-300x225The Get Smart Junior Advisory Council is a group of young women from ages 17-25 led by our Executive Director, Stephanie Licata. Most of these young women were former students of Ms. Licata who she mentored in various capacities.

leximarisa2-300x225Taking the lessons they learned out into the world, they stayed connected and breathed life into the development of Get Smart. Made up of highs school and college students, as well as 20-something young women, this team of leaders is banding together to bring the Get Smart message out into the world!

What we are up to

rock1-300x199This dynamic group of young women informs and shapes our programming. With their fingers on the pulse of their peers, they help to give Get Smart insight into the best ways to reach people of their age group. Through meetings, conference calls, writing articles, and blending many gifts and talents, they are currently driving the heart of Get Smart to be able to reach as many young women as possible!

smallgroup-300x228“I became a Get Smart Gal because I believe that Get Smart offers an inspiring example for young women. Get Smart offers a community where young women can come together to offer each other support on the journey to become their best selves. Get Smart recognizes that everyone has gifts to offer the world and is committed to help everyone’s full potential shine through!” ~ 
Meghan 23,  graduate student Boston College