About Maya Koparkar

Maya Koparkar is a first year undergraduate student currently studying at McGill University in Montreal. She is planning on majoring in International Development Studies with a minor in Political Science. Maya has lived as well as traveled all over the world, making traveling and experiencing new cultures a passion of hers. She is also an avid writer, currently blogging for a few different organizations, writing for her women’s campus magazine, and running her own blog. Maya believes that every person has something special they can contribute to the world, and that working together allows people to bring out the best in each other.

Positivity for Every Body

I am chubby. Always have been, probably always will be. I was born chubby, I grew up chubby. I am chubby. I’ve never lived life skinny, or knowing what it’s like to be skinny. My stomach has never been completely flat, my thighs have never sported a gap between them, my cheeks have never been [...]

The Many Definitions of Feminism

I was first introduced to the concept of feminism right around the beginning of high school. I was extremely intrigued by the idea, and decided to look more into the feminist movement. Immediately, I was met with a large amount of information, coming at the issue from all different sides. From what I knew at [...]

Light vs. Dark: A Twisted Beauty Standard

When I was in the seventh grade, I took a trip to India. It was a place of rich cultural contradiction, which I chose to take no part in; I was only twelve. Holed up in my Aji’s apartment watching the Disney channel, one day I saw an ad for Fair and Lovely cream, which [...]