image1We all have a persona or character we tend to become. One which gets us through life in emotional, mental or physical ways. The usual characters I use are Wonder Woman or Captain.

Believe it or not we all have this strength in us, so lets take a look into that strength we already know.

Having someone or something you look up to that gives you strength is a start. This strength can come from something or someone other than a character, like through spirituality or through faith.

When we become these characters, we can gain immediate strength because we adopt the mental power of those characters. For instance, when I call myself Wonder Woman, no matter how tough anything can get in life, I know that I will have the strength to get through it.

We already own our strength but just like how a broken down car needs a jumpstart, so do our minds sometimes.

When you feel that you can’t do something, remember who you are. Don’t let strength be your enemy but merely let it be known that it’s something you already have. Sometimes you need inspiration and that is completely okay.

I also call myself Captain. When I think of a Captain I think of someone who’s not only in charge and directs people when they are lost but someone who is also in charge of themselves and the way they carry themselves through emotionally draining situations. I tend to let stress get the best of me but, when I call myself Captain, I immediately think of how I can take charge.

Never let the “not being strong enough” notion keep you from growing your own strength (which is stronger than you think). Strength does come from building it up but it’s not so much of how much you have, just how you use it.

Use your mind’s strength to guide you through your hardships. It can be as simple as studying for a subject you struggle with!