Sick of Job Hunting? You Need to Read Our 6 Tricks to Job Hunting Success (And Happiness)

Job hunting: two soul-crushing words. For those who quickly get a job, it’s a boring but relatively painless experience. For those that don’t, the feeling of dread at turning on your laptop steadily increases. Day in, day out, you customize your résumé, create cover letters, fill in application forms, and wait for responses. The cynicism [...]

12 Tips for Real Life Roommate Dilemmas

Whether you have siblings and are used to sharing space or not, having roommates will definitely have some ups and downs. Roommates can ultimately be friends for life, people you don’t want to be associated with anymore or anywhere in between. Some friendly tips for dealing with roommates are: Although this may be obvious, if [...]

Writing with Passion

During my past 14 years as a student, I have struggled with my writing. I would try with all my might to write these amazing papers, but I would never see the payoff with my grades. I was placed in the second-to-lowest English class from fourth through eighth grades. Writing and I had a love/hate [...]