About Shilpa Bhoopalam

Shilpa is a senior at Ramapo College of New Jersey graduating with a BA in Psychology. She is looking towards the future and wants to obtain a career working with children, and hopes to be an occupational therapist. She looks to her past to guide her in her future decisions post grad. Shilpa is very excited to be a part of this form of social media to encourage women to be positive.

12 Tips for Real Life Roommate Dilemmas

Whether you have siblings and are used to sharing space or not, having roommates will definitely have some ups and downs. Roommates can ultimately be friends for life, people you don’t want to be associated with anymore or anywhere in between. Some friendly tips for dealing with roommates are: Although this may be obvious, if [...]

The World is Your Oyster!

The future is a subject which everyone dreads being asked about. Whether in high school entering college or college entering the ‘real world,’ the future can be a nerve-wracking thought for anyone. Being a graduating senior, I have been going through this process myself and my friends have been telling me that I am not [...]