Get Smart About Social Media Depression

We’re the internet generation. We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, and all the rest. We read BuzzFeed, have YouTube vlogs, create memes, take selfies, and google everything. We’ve given new meanings to #, like, friend, tweet, and favorite. And in some ways, this is pretty freaking amazing. We are so much more aware [...]

Labels: How a Word can Impact Us

Have you ever had a moment that is embedded into your memory? When I was home for Thanksgiving my first year of college, my cousins and I were around the table talking. One cousin started saying "X cousin is the smart one, Liz is the pretty one, and X cousin is the athletic one." This [...]

Get Smart About Partying: 5 Tips for Party Safety

The holidays are coming up, which means teens and college students will probably be attending a few parties. Whether it’s a big dinner with friends or a Christmas bash, being safe and comfortable during celebrations is crucial. These are five things you can do to ensure party safety while still having a ton of fun: [...]

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