About Liz Barry

Liz is currently an undergraduate student in her junior year at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. She is a Social Work major and loves to be actively involved on her campus whether it is with her Irish step dancing team, sorority, or Habitat for Humanity. She aspires to be a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and support humanitarian rights efforts, especially among children. Liz believes that all women can accomplish anything that they set their minds to and hopes that her work with Get Smart will help them to pursue their passions.

Labels: How a Word can Impact Us

Have you ever had a moment that is embedded into your memory? When I was home for Thanksgiving my first year of college, my cousins and I were around the table talking. One cousin started saying "X cousin is the smart one, Liz is the pretty one, and X cousin is the athletic one." This [...]

Give to Get Smart from Liz Barry

Liz Barry, 20 years old, The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. One of my fondest members was during our first Oovoo chat and when Steph (our fearless leader) told us how we had women from all over the globe on our call, whether if it was India, Japan, New Jersey, or Washington D.C., we [...]

The Power of Forgiveness

This past Thursday I went to a lecture put on by my university with guest speaker Immaculee Ilibagizia. Immaculee was a college student when the Rwandan genocide started in her home country. She sought out shelter by hiding in a 4x3 bathroom, of a Hutu pastor in her village, with seven other women. During the [...]

How I THRIVED technology-free for a week

One of my favorite quotes is by Jack Kerouac and it often finds its way onto my motivational quotes board on Pinterest: “Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry.” This past summer I decided to take on this quote and find its meaning via a summer job. I wanted to find a job that [...]

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Power Tools, Scaffolding, and Service: Making the Most of your Spring Break

Spring break has gotten a bad reputation of college-aged kids going south for warmer climates and heavy partying. This past spring break, I decided to partake in a different type of spring break tradition that people sometimes forget about: service trips. I spent my break working with my campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity in Atlanta, Georgia. Habitat [...]

Take a Stand Against Sexual Assault

With the release of “50 Shades of Grey,” a lot of people have been talking about sexual assault and domestic violence. I was recently out one weekend and noticed that a freshman girl (whom I had never met before) was clearly incoherent. She was being taken advantage of by a guy, while other guys were [...]

Get Smart and Get on LinkedIn!

There’s a common saying that I have heard a lot through my years at college: “It’s not what you know but who you know.” While it’s important to learn about your field, it is also very important to get connected with people in your field and people outside of your field. Creating a LinkedIn account [...]

How To: Maintain a Healthy Relationship in College

Maintaining a relationship in college can seem like a struggle when you’re doing school work, working a job, and getting involved with extracurriculars. Relationships happen when you least expect them! Attending a talk on campus or taking part in a community service day can help you meet somewhere outside of your usual circle. I have [...]

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Get Smart: “Like a Girl”

The Super Bowl has officially surpassed simply marking the end of the football season. One of the big takeaways this year for many people wasn’t what occurred on the field, but what occurred during the commercials. The Doritos and Bud Light commercials were still present, but there were also way more social justice movement commercials [...]