Get Smart about Female Friendships

In my 24 years of stumbling through life, there are few things I'm 100% sure on. My beliefs change with knowledge and experience so I hold many of my opinions to that moment and know that for me, they aren’t etched in stone. But, I will vouch for a few things with fierce passion; one [...]

How to (Not) Bulk Up Your Resume

Throughout high school, I prided myself on my long list of extracurricular activities. I was involved in several organizations for the sole purpose of putting them on my resume: From Spanish Honor Society to a recycling club I barely participated in, I was convinced that racking up these memberships and leadership positions would help me [...]

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Get Smart about Being Unapologetically YOU

  It’s easy to get wrapped up in things going on around you and to lose a sense of yourself. There were times growing up when I would go along with something my friends were doing, even if I didn’t necessarily agree with it. There were times I took up a new hobby because that’s [...]