About Stephanie

Stephanie Licata, M.A., ACC is the Executive Director of Get Smart Mentoring. After over a decade working with young women, she is inspired and excited to be working with so many fabulous young women all across the country to breathe life intp Get Smart. Stephanie is a seasoned personal and organizational coach and consultant. She received her professional coaching certification from NYU and the International Coaching Federation. She is also an accomplished speaker, trainer, and consultant with a Masters in Social & Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

Give & Get Smart with Courtney!

  These past several months I have been lucky enough to be a part of and work with the Get Smart Mentoring team. My intern experience has been nothing but incredible so far. Not only have I learned more about what the organization stands for, but I have also been able to meet amazing people [...]

Give & Get Smart with Jessie!

Since the start of the new year, I have had the incredible opportunity to intern with Get Smart Mentoring. Through this opportunity, I have been able to hone my writing skills and learn more about myself through the process. I have met some incredible women who I intern with, both from the United States and [...]

Give & Get Smart with Jaclyn!

When I started at Get Smart at the beginning of this semester, I didn’t really know what to expect to get out of it. The list of ways that Get Smart Mentoring has positively impacted me can go on and on. First of all, I met an amazing group of women around my age from [...]

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Give & Get Smart with Alexa!

A Letter to My 25-year-Old Self

Dear Steph, As I approach 40, I want to tell you some important things. So, you see, life may not exactly turn out exactly as you thought it would. You know all those timelines and "supposed to's"? It's safe to throw them away. There isn't much I can protect you from right now but I [...]

How to (Not) Bulk Up Your Resume

Throughout high school, I prided myself on my long list of extracurricular activities. I was involved in several organizations for the sole purpose of putting them on my resume: From Spanish Honor Society to a recycling club I barely participated in, I was convinced that racking up these memberships and leadership positions would help me [...]

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Meet Nicky Costabile: The “daughter’s response” to RUDE by Magic!

Before Nicky Costabile was a YouTube sensation she was a high school girl with a heart of gold. I had the pleasure of working with her in several service efforts as one of the faculty members at Immaculate Heart Academy in Bergen County, NJ.  Check her out below jamming at a dance for special needs [...]

What would make 2015 ROCK?

Bullied for Good: A Silver Lining Found after 20 years.

“I can’t do this. I can’t go. I can’t move. “ Welcome to the thoughts that went through my head as I prepared to attend my 20th high school reunion. Here I was this mentor, coach, and women’s empowerment leader, and I can’t even clear my own head to just work through my fear. Though [...]

Meet the new Get Smart GAME CHANGERS!

As a 30-something woman I still can get as ridiculously excited as a 4 year old child. And if there was anything to jump up and down about it's how, in about two weeks, Get Smart has reached young women all across this country and attracted a team of 11 virtual (and some in person) [...]