About Emily VIning

Emily is a graduate from Western University in Canada where she majored in Social Justice & Peace Studies. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Gender Studies from the UN mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. Emily strives to work within feminist and anti-oppressive frameworks. Emily enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially when dancing is involved. She is joyed to be interning with Get Smart Mentoring. She is looking forward to working with such an inspiring organization to empower, support and educate young women and girls.

Get Smart about Female Friendships

In my 24 years of stumbling through life, there are few things I'm 100% sure on. My beliefs change with knowledge and experience so I hold many of my opinions to that moment and know that for me, they aren’t etched in stone. But, I will vouch for a few things with fierce passion; one [...]

Take the Giving Tuesday Challenge with Emily

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: two days of sales and consumer mayhem. We’ve all heard of them and probably participated, but have you heard of Giving-Tuesday? Just as Black Friday is considered the kick-off to holiday shopping, Giving Tuesday jumpstarts the season of giving. Giving Tuesday is a day devoted to giving back to your local [...]

How to Support A Friend Experiencing Abuse

It is believed that one in every four women will experience domestic violence. These are tragic statistics, but I hope and believe one day those numbers will change for the better. This month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so let's take this time to delve into the issue. You or someone you know may experience [...]

Your Digital Tattoo: Make it Beautiful

There is a reason why your online activity is called a digital tattoo—it stays with you for life! Every single thing you post, like, share and comment online is digitally tattooed. People often spend weeks, months or years considering what to tattoo onto their skin, but we so often post online without consideration. The internet [...]

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Get Smart about Stereotyping

Have you ever been stereotyped? Yes, I imagine you have… Now a tougher question: have you ever stereotyped a stranger? We hate to admit it, but most of us (if not all of us) have. Being judged hurts and judging others hurts ourselves. Stereotyping isn’t always a bad thing, but quite often we stereotype someone, [...]

Four Steps to Squash Your Public Speaking Fears

It was my first day of college. I considered raising my hand to answer a question, but I was paralyzed by fear. The thought of speaking caused my stomach to knot and my heart to beat against my chest. My body began to shake like a leaf. I understand the fear of public speaking through [...]