Taking the Shame out of Single

               As we grow into our teens and early adulthood, there seems to be a universal expectation across all genders to enter a relationship. To quote Tina Fey in the movie Mean Girls, how many of you have felt “personally victimized” by this social pressure? Whether it stems from [...]

Dealing With Trauma From Rejection

  We have all experienced a significant rejection or failure that has led us to doubting our own abilities or potential. How we deal with such adversities is what helps us reverse their negative impacts and find ways to grow. Rejection comes in multiple forms and interpretations, and regardless of the supposed degree of importance, [...]

The Key to Unlocking Your Intelligence

Intelligence… Some of us college students think of it as our G.P.A. Some think of it as thinking smarter not harder. And some think it’s remembering all of the facts you have ever learned… All of these thoughts from others intelligence have a similarities. These tips are what really build intelligence: Read—I don't mean just [...]

Don’t Carry Your Past With You

  We all have been in that situation where we carry a suitcase along with us, sometimes for months or years. But when is the time where we must open this suitcase, empty it, and only keep what we need for the future? The time where you feel that you are dragging the suitcase more [...]

Keeping Your Passions Alive

“Do what you love, love what you do” is one of my favorite quotes to live by. A lot of the time we find these things we love early on in our lives and through different phases of our journeys, we seek continuations of these passions. We may question how to continue something we love [...]

My FitnessPal can be your BFF

Our generation of millennials is always being criticized for spending too much time on our phones and not enough time on being “productive”. Technology always seems to be an excuse as to why people never go outside anymore; and we tend to always be stuck behind a screen of some sort. Ironically, my smartphone was what [...]

On Loving Yourself

In today’s media, people are constantly being barraged by various messages and images pertaining to the ‘perfect body,’ ‘summer body,’ ‘confidence weight,’ ‘the beautiful body type’ and countless other descriptions of the ‘ideal’ hairstyle, makeup, weight, height, skin color, eye color, face shape, curve proportion, clothing style and other methods of expression. Messages of ‘not good [...]

No Shame in Transferring

In August of 2014, I started school as a freshman at Towson University in Maryland. I had the best first year. I had two of my best friends from home with me, amazing friends that were in my dorm hall, and I loved my classes. I was reluctant to leave for summer. I was excited to go [...]