About Hayley Fahey

Hayley Fahey was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey called Pequannock. She loves traveling and spending time with family and friends. Currently, Hayley is an incoming Senior at Rider University studying journalism and dance. She loves being involved at school choreographing for The Rider Dance Ensemble and being the Opinion Editor for the Rider News. She drives herself to be the best she can be and hopes to fulfill her continuous goals throughout her career and this internship.

Be your own you

As we look deep within ourselves, we realize that we are so influenced by the world around us. The clothes we wear, our hairstyles, our attitudes and mannerisms are all built from some sort of foundation. However, the build up from that foundation does not have to be identical to those who surround us. What [...]

Eat Smart As College Starts

Whether you are approaching freshman year, excited for the college experience, doing what you want, eating what you want, or a returning college student, we are all faced with the same challenge of staying on track. Even though we may not realize it, eating smart is essential to a healthy college lifestyle. We are so [...]

Appreciate what surrounds you

We seem to go through life with a day to day schedule, running on a clock, never skipping a beat. It is almost hard to take a moment and appreciate all that is good in your life. We never stop and take an extra look around us. There are everyday things in our life that [...]

Keeping Your Passions Alive

“Do what you love, love what you do” is one of my favorite quotes to live by. A lot of the time we find these things we love early on in our lives and through different phases of our journeys, we seek continuations of these passions. We may question how to continue something we love [...]

Packed Schedule? No Need to Worry!

As we get older and move into our college years, our lives seem to get more complicated. There’s no more mom or dad constantly reminding us to get our homework finished before extracurriculars or to eat in between practices, rehearsals, meetings and games.   We are told to get involved in college by joining clubs, [...]

Being Confident in Your Four Year Fit

The college process is a huge step in a young adult’s life. There is uncertainty about career paths, where you want to live or commute to for the next four years and how to fit into the university community. With over 2,400 four year institutions in the United States alone, there are endless options for [...]