We all have been in that situation where we carry a suitcase along with us, sometimes for months or years. But when is the time where we must open this suitcase, empty it, and only keep what we need for the future?

The time where you feel that you are dragging the suitcase more than carrying.

So what do we keep in our suitcase for the future?

  1. Experiences Our experiences show us the positives in the world and where our roots are. Sometimes we must go back to our past  experiences to remind us where our roots lie when it is time to make a tough decision.
  2. Lessons Our lessons are what we learn from our mistakes, but most importantly they teach us to not do the same thing over and over and expect different outcomes.
  3. A pair of socks (that have a popcorn logo on them). Having a good pair of your favorite socks helps you in the future. For one, they separate your feet from your everyday sneaks. Secondly, a good pair of socks means that you are walking towards a dream of yours, and keeping the stamina.



Now that we want to keep in the suitcase, lets discuss what to take out of the suitcase and  leave behind.




  • People and situations that hinder your life rather than help Having a clean mindset is the first step to a positive life, but having great people around you is just as important. When we have support around us, it helps us grow.  
  • Letting go of the past Whichever situation you were put in the past; it’s time to accept it and all that has happened. When we think of everything that happened in the past, we are avoiding thinking about the future. If we try to think How could I have done this differently? We may wake up one day and realize that we didn’t take in life’s moments or opportunities.

Accept that who you are right now may have not been who you are in the past; and just because all the situations you ever been in somehow keep your suitcase full, doesn’t mean they all belong in there. Remember to unlock the suitcase and empty it from time to time.