About Fiona Ko

Fiona is a recent Master of Public Health graduate from the University of Hong Kong. After living in Asia for a year, she has understood the importance of work-life balance and positive mental health. Fiona loves learning from other cultures, giving back to the community, and spreading stories and ideas. Of many things, she is a tea-lover, a Converse-collector, and a Canadian who likes Tetris and TED Talks a bit too much.

Get Smart and Go the Distance – Part I

What is both the best, and worst thing? Change. It means things will be different. You will be different. People will be different, and want to try different things and new experiences in new places. Whether this means moving to a different state, or country, the idea of being separated from your loved ones is [...]

Get Smart and Stay You

“Today you are You, that is truer than true, There is no one alive who is Youer than You” – Dr. Seuss Seuss is right you know. Let’s take a moment to let that astounding thought resonate. Of the seven billion-some people on our lovely planet, each and every individual has their own parcel of [...]

Get the Feel of This

Artificial intelligence may be imminent, but that doesn’t mean we need to start acting like robots now. Power and leadership seem to go hand in hand with lack of emotion, or coolness. The idea of “if you show how much it bothers you, you look vulnerable and you lose,” is prominent in the work force. [...]

Numbers, French, and Air

It’s the time of the year for low productivity and minimal motivation. Whether it’s a rut in the semester or a case of Garfield’s Mondays, nothing is being done. Or worse, nothing is being done well. I can’t speak for everyone, but I, for one, do not feel awesome if I am constantly brain farting. [...]

Are You Really All Ears?

My best friend, who is in medical school, tells me one of his classmates consistently receives top scores on his rotation evaluations, while he received good, but not perfect evaluations. Both being excellent students, he didn’t understand what caused this discrepancy. The difference? The other student has a background in theatrical arts, and probably without [...]