FionaKo_pic“Today you are You, that is truer than true, There is no one alive who is Youer than You” – Dr. Seuss

Seuss is right you know. Let’s take a moment to let that astounding thought resonate. Of the seven billion-some people on our lovely planet, each and every individual has their own parcel of ideas that have fabricated from their personal experiences and thoughts. And how have we tried to embrace our individuality? We haven’t. We continuously envy others and too often try to replicate their successes, sometimes resulting in our own failures – defeating, right? That other person and their successes may be awesome and righteous, but so are you, in your own way. In case you forget that (because we all do sometimes), here are some ways that you can be comfortable being yourself:

  • Thank your friends and family – Our friends and family are our roots, and something that is vital to our individuality is remembering where we came from; they shaped us into who we are today. I would not be where I am today without the support of my loved ones, familial or not. Surprisingly, this thought extends to strangers. I have met multiple individuals that have impacted me positively in passing. Recently, I have lost a few of these acquaintances – to cancer, to chance. Remember, life is fragile, and thank you is a phrase that can never be
    worn out.
  • Cherish alone time – In today’s social media-saturated culture, the idea of spending any time alone is frightening. “Look at her, she’s eating at a restaurant, alone.” Let’s put a different spin on it: people with heavily involved commitments would love to have some quality alone time with themselves, and I believe it takes courage to do something alone. If going to the movies alone scares the ants out of your pants, start small, read a book at a café by yourself, or just stay in and watch that movie you’ve been waiting to see. Find relaxation and comfort in yourself, not others.
  • Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 7.02.27 PMSay “screw it” – Caring about what others think of you is, without a doubt, a thought that will always exist in our minds. But, are they really judging you? Probably not, actually. The trick is to scratch that illusion, and say “screw it.” Even if they are judging you, why does that matter? Empower yourself by doing what you want, because that is what will make you feel comfortable. Don’t waste your time thinking about what someone else thinks of you.

Without dipping too much into the beaten topic of “self-love,” those are my takeaways in life that I, myself, have taken way too long to realize. I apologize for the amount of cheese and clichés in this week’s posting, but screw it, because we forget how to be ourselves too often.


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