About Melody Estevez

Melody is an undergraduate student in her junior year studying at Pace University in NYC. She is a Psychology and Women and Gender Studies double major and is also pursuing a Non-Profit Studies minor. She hopes to become a therapist and work alongside non-profits that support young women all around the world. When she isn’t studying or working as an HTML tutor, Melody can be found baking, nerding out over Harry Potter, drinking her millionth cup of tea, or taking pictures of her cat, Magneto. She is constantly trying to expand her mind and meditates often to do so. She is excited to be a part of Get Smart and to write posts about how women are powerful and capable of amazing things.

Give to Get Smart from Melody Estevez

Melody Estevez, 21, Pace University, Bronx, NY Get Smart is an amazing organization with a massive amount of potential to reach a wider audience of women. I have been blogging for Get Smart this semester and having a place to share my story has been great. I have also been able to meet and collaborate [...]

Drop the Term “Plus Size”

Personally, I have struggled with the way I perceive my body from the time I was allowed to choose my own clothes. This loss of confidence occurred the moment I couldn’t fit into the popular clothing that all of my friends were wearing. There had to be something wrong with my body. The way the [...]

Three Easy Steps to Staying Positive in Your 20’s

Being a young adult is hard and that is no exaggeration. There’s so much pressure to follow societal norms but to also be unique butterflies. We need to get our act together and somehow become self-actualized human beings. The struggle to find time to love ourselves and be meaningful in our actions is difficult when [...]

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FOMO: A Social Anxiety Disorder of the 21st Century

FOMO (foe-mow) noun, slang. a feeling of anxiety or insecurity over the possibility of missing out on something, as an event or an opportunity Whether you admit it or not, we all compare our lives (the good, the bad, the ugly) to others', constantly wondering if we could do more or if we are missing [...]

5 Secrets to an Effortlessly Amazing Semester

“How much homework will I have this semester? Will my meal plan last me until the end? This is going to be the hardest semester of my life.” These are all normal thoughts that hound almost every college student at the start of a new semester. If you’re someone who struggles to get into the [...]

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