About Michelle Copti

Michelle is a rising senior at Marist College. She is studying psychology and in the process of becoming certified as a Child Life Specialist. Michelle is 21 years old and engaged to her high school sweetheart. She is so excited to be working with Get Smart because she wants to help young women value themselves for who they are!

I Am Adopted : A Get Smart Gal Finds Love Within.

The giggling of the kindergarten students subsided and the teacher called out the next name for "Show and Tell."  I stood in the center of the circle, anxiously waiting to reveal my big secret.  I had spent years believing that I was special because my parents had chosen me, but the moment my secret was revealed, [...]

Get Smart about the RIGHT COLLEGE for YOU!

“I do not want to get out of the car!”  I said to my mother after driving over an hour to visit the college that seemingly had everything I wanted. It offered a program I wanted to pursue, was the perfect distance from home, had a great surrounding town and more. But once I got [...]

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