About Sara Vallejo

Sara Vallejo is a young professional and daydreamer in Chicago, Illinois, who wants to foster stronger communities through connecting amazing people to other amazing people and starting conversations that matter. She is deeply passionate about mental health and wellness and is looking to return to school in pursuit of a master’s degree in social work and public health. In a professional capacity, Miss Vallejo serves as a Proposal Writer at a global commercial real estate firm. She has also fulfilled an editorial role in a major handcraft and fashion magazine. Sara can be found delving into new and exciting craft projects while catching up on sci-fi TV. When not covered in glitter, she also loves to cook or curl up with a hot mug of tea and a nice, thick novel (on her Kindle, of course!).

Take the Giving Tuesday challenge with Sara

After the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday comes something more special, something more in the spirit of community and generosity that makes the autumn season so special. And, you don’t even have to stand in line! Giving Tuesday follows the week of Thanksgiving and has one aim: giving back to [...]

Self Care for Superwomen

Get Smart Girls are many things: leaders, volunteers, students, mentors, daughters and sisters, friends and special someones. We are excellent in what we are called to do. We are strong, unwavering rocks of support for our loved ones. We are everyday superwomen, but it’s so easy to forget to turn those superpowers of love and [...]

Give to Get Smart from Sara Vallejo

Sara Vallejo, 28, Proposal Writer, Chicago, IL Mentoring and learning with Get Smart has been a truly amazing opportunity for me, and I want young women everywhere to get the same amazing opportunity I did: to work and learn from some of the most brilliant women in the world. Mentorship is essential and beautiful and [...]

3 Reasons Finding a Mentor Will Rock Your Career

If you’re anything like me and you skipped the corporate office internships in college, your first job out of college can be a huge adjustment. First career-level jobs are never easy, but there has to be a first if there’s to be a second. As you get settled in with your very own workspace and phone [...]

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