SVallejopicGet Smart Girls are many things: leaders, volunteers, students, mentors, daughters and sisters, friends and special someones. We are excellent in what we are called to do. We are strong, unwavering rocks of support for our loved ones. We are everyday superwomen, but it’s so easy to forget to turn those superpowers of love and compassion back on ourselves. We often ignore our own needs for care and comfort when we’re busy with big projects, spending all our energy caring for others or when unexpected life events crop up. But we need coffee dates and vent sessions with our best friends, bear hugs from our mothers and mentors and the space to decompress and cry just as much as those we care for do.

We need self care, to be our own nurturing superhero where our own hearts and souls are concerned. It is essential that we take time for ourselves and keep that time as sacred. It’s how we recharge, show ourselves compassion and connect to our inner superhero. It gives us the strength we need to be our own authentic and excellent selves. So, take a few tips from a fellow Get Smart superwoman, make a date with yourself and get your self care on!

1. Soak up some sunshine.

woman in the field

Find a green space nearby, whether it’s a forest preserve, city park or even just quiet streets around your neighborhood and take a walk. Switch off your phone and breathe in the world around you. Set an easy, meditative pace and enjoy the sights and sounds around you. As a bonus, you’ll get a nice dose of Vitamin D and a bit of exercise – which we all know is good for the brain.

2. Take yourself on an indulgent date.

Do something you’ve always—or even just recently—wanted to do! It could be as simple as exploring a new neighborhood bookstore, finding a sunny window in a café you’ve never visited before or taking yourself out to brunch (because superwomen deserve waffles). Or, go all out and take a road trip or hop on a train to the big city. Remember to pack an emergency kit for long car trips and keep a full charge on your phone— just in case.

3. Learn, baby, learn!

Take yourself out to a museum or attend a lecture. Read up on a topic you’re interested in but haven’t explored much. Take the plunge and sign up for a class that’s a bit of a splurge and maybe just a bit outside your comfort zone. Rock climbing, salsa dancing, throwing pottery or learning a language are great ways to do something for yourself—and learn something invaluable (or just plain fun) in the process. If you find yourself tripping over your own feet or getting spattered with wet clay, don’t fret: laughter is the BEST medicine and a true superwoman isn’t afraid to laugh at herself.

4. Treat yourself to a spa day.

Cucumber slices on your eyelids are optional, but pampering yourself is not! Even if cosmetics aren’t your thing, try to give your beautiful body and skin some TLC. Book a massage or facial, get a pedicure or take some time for a spa session at home. Light a few candles and put on some soothing music. Paint your nails a daring color or relax with a soothing, moisturizing mask on your face. It’s hard not to feel the self love when you’re actively treating yourself to something nice and relaxing!

5. Write it out.

Need a quick dose of self care and have a lot on your mind? Bust out your journal, a favorite notebook or a new document on your computer and let your thoughts and feelings flow. Scribble out a rant, write through something causing you stress or get grateful with a gratitude journal. Taking time to sit with your feelings and acknowledge them is the quickest way to a happier, lighter heart, and reflecting on the everyday, ordinary things you’re grateful for is an amazing way to remind yourself how blessed you are.

Remember, even superwomen need a break sometimes. We all need to relax and recharge to be our best and happiest selves, so don’t forget the self care, because, superwoman, you’re worth it.

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