SBhoopalamPicThe future is a subject which everyone dreads being asked about. Whether in high school entering college or college entering the ‘real world,’ the future can be a nerve-wracking thought for anyone. Being a graduating senior, I have been going through this process myself and my friends have been telling me that I am not as crazy as I might think!

Tips to Help You Stay Calm

  1. Remind yourself that everyone is in your same shoes.

  1. Be confident and try to keep your head up amongst possible stress. Stay positive!

  1. Assess all your options, whether it’s grad school, taking a year off, getting a job, etc.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even though asking for help can be nerve-wracking, in the end the people who you talk to and network with will help and relieve your anxiety.


  1. Everyone’s path is different. Everyone has different personal experiences, career experiences, and goals. The goal is to be unique, be you!

  1. Try not to stress yourself out, because in the end it’ll hurt you.

  1. Talk to friends and family about what’s bothering you. Family or friends can always be of help in one way or another. If you just want to let it all out, find a friend.

  1. Don’t forget to laugh! The old cliché, “laughter is the best medicine,” helps in any situation. This could be as simple as watching funny TV shows or just hanging out with friends.

  1. Most importantly, keep an open mind. You NEVER know when an opportunity will come your way.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be thinking about it at all, but keep in mind that you still have to live in the moment! Like our favorite poet Dr. Seuss once said, “Only you can control your future.”

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