Be the Wonder Woman you are

We all have a persona or character we tend to become. One which gets us through life in emotional, mental or physical ways. The usual characters I use are Wonder Woman or Captain. Believe it or not we all have this strength in us, so let’s take a look into that strength we already know. [...]

Get Smart: How to Kill a Job Interview

So graduation is a mere few months away. You’re suddenly realizing that you need to land that job that will pay rent, considering your parents will be cutting you off the minute your hand grabs that diploma. In order to get that job, you need to go through at least two or three interviews. Here [...]

Adding Purpose to Unexpected Changes

Sometimes things happen that we don’t plan for. It’s inevitable that (no matter who you are) at one point or another, there will be unpredictable turns of events – good or bad – that can make you reshape your perspectives or values. You might face moments that take up time in your day, space in [...]