Staying True to Yourself on Social Media

The amount of people using social media is steadily growing, meaning that more and more people are being influenced by the top trends, articles, and people on social networks. We all know that social media is an opportunity to express and explore oneself, but many obstacles stand in the way of positive self-expression and the [...]

Your Digital Tattoo: Make it Beautiful

There is a reason why your online activity is called a digital tattoo—it stays with you for life! Every single thing you post, like, share and comment online is digitally tattooed. People often spend weeks, months or years considering what to tattoo onto their skin, but we so often post online without consideration. The internet [...]

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FOMO: A Social Anxiety Disorder of the 21st Century

FOMO (foe-mow) noun, slang. a feeling of anxiety or insecurity over the possibility of missing out on something, as an event or an opportunity Whether you admit it or not, we all compare our lives (the good, the bad, the ugly) to others', constantly wondering if we could do more or if we are missing [...]