Stress Relief Made Simple

As young adults, stress seems to have become a part of our daily routines. With school, work, relationships, and other constant pressures on our shoulders, it only seems natural for stress to serve as a motivating factor. However, having a hectic life shouldn’t deter you from being happy and healthy. As someone who barely has [...]

Four Steps to Squash Your Public Speaking Fears

It was my first day of college. I considered raising my hand to answer a question, but I was paralyzed by fear. The thought of speaking caused my stomach to knot and my heart to beat against my chest. My body began to shake like a leaf. I understand the fear of public speaking through [...]

5 Ways to FIX Sundays

In college, I would wake up on Sunday mornings and think, “Oh noooo! The beautiful, blissful weekend is gone! UGH!” Dreading the homework I had been putting off since Friday, the mound of laundry needing to be washed, the bedroom that was aching to be cleaned, and all of the emails awaiting me in my inbox, I [...]