There’s Nothing Wrong With Selfishness

  Selfish (adjective): (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.   Selfishness has always had a negative connotation. When someone is being selfish, they have no concern for anyone but themself. We are always told to think about everyone else’s feelings because we [...]

Are you “Happy, Free, Confused, and Lonely at the Same Time”?

I’ve read a few things recently that affirm I am not the only one feeling like, “Geeze, Louise! Being a young 20-something is kind of hard!” On top of figuring out how I am going to pay rent next month, while still attempting to have some sort of fashion sense and have fun…oh, and eat, [...]

Three Easy Steps to Staying Positive in Your 20’s

Being a young adult is hard and that is no exaggeration. There’s so much pressure to follow societal norms but to also be unique butterflies. We need to get our act together and somehow become self-actualized human beings. The struggle to find time to love ourselves and be meaningful in our actions is difficult when [...]

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The Quarter Life Crisis: Can Moisturizer Fix It?

The Get Smart women are confused. An article about anti-aging cream for women in their twenties made its way into our 'virtual office' (otherwise known as our secret facebook group). Here's the article. Origins believes the skin of twenty-somethings is aging, and they have the perfect fix. They’ll market it with apps for customizing selfies, [...]

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Get Smart and Get Your Parents On Board

Once I left home for college I thought, “Wow - This is great! I can get Starbucks as many times a week as I want, I can binge eat Ben & Jerry’s out of the carton, and no one can stop me!” Yes, it did seem great for the first few weeks, until I realized [...]

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