Get Smart Lessons Learned

I learned numerous lessons this summer during my time with Get Smart, and I want to share them with you! I DO Matter: When I first started interning with Get Smart, I didn’t think I had very much valuable advice or words of wisdom that people would want to hear about. But I quickly realized [...]

Get Smart About Social Media Use

As a young woman in today’s society, I have faced the harsh truth that my social media use may be a little too social, if you get what I mean. I know I am not alone and, in fact, I know that almost everyone I know is guilty of this as well. But with the [...]

Get Smart about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Right before you are about to get angry. Stop. Breathe. It's all good. I am SO grateful that this challenge is taking place for a number of reasons, Get Smart would just like to UP the ANTE a bit. When I was a kid I happened to be a big baseball fan. I had read [...]

My Get Smart Internship Experience

Becoming involved with Get Smart was a random occurrence for me. I had never interned anywhere and this organization is based hundreds of miles away from where I live. I hoped I would be accepted, but I didn’t think too much of it. That is until I got the email that I had been officially [...]

A Get Smart Girl’s Summer in Cali – Part I

I remember being told that I should apply for a summer internship. “It will be good for your resume.” “You can explore other areas of student affairs.” “It will make you more marketable in the job search.” All of that sounded convincing enough to me. And besides, it’s not like I had anything else to [...]

What is Get Smart?

Get Smart is powerful. Get Smart is fierce. Get Smart is extraordinary. Get Smart has challenged me to awaken the thoughts that are often drowned out by the everyday hustle and bustle of being a 20-something graduate student. My constantly quick pace sometimes results in a lack of honest reflection about who I am and where I [...]

From “Pipsqueak to Platoon Leader”: Get Smart on LEADERSHIP!

I wanted to start off with a quote about leadership. So, I did what every other individual would typically do and typed, “leadership” into Google. There were a couple million hits – awesome.! I click, scroll, and exit out. Not awesome. Why? Well, a lot of the definitions, articles and quotes had the word “confidence” [...]