#PostGradProblems: How to Survive PGD

by guest blogger Nicole Gittleman Post-grad depression (PGD) is REAL. Similarly to how post-vacation depression, though many may disagree, is also real. Life seems exciting and new and adventurous after graduation, until the dreaded month of September creeps up after August and slaps all us post-grads in the face with one large reminder: You are not going back [...]

Get smart about growing up to be like your parents!

by guest blogger Lauren Wisbeski As a teenager, you think that your parents are awful. As it turns out, they’re actually the only ones unconditionally on your side. If you don’t see that now, give it a few years and it’ll definitely hit you. So when you imagine the person you aspire to be most like when [...]

Deciding on a Career: What You Need to Know

It’s The Big Question. It’s an instant existential crisis. And it’s something asked constantly: What do you want to do when you grow up? We get a lot of practice answering this question; all the way through childhood we choose careers such as firefighter, ballerina, or teacher. When I was informed at the age of [...]

9 Ways to Get Through a Rough Patch

Feeling down, sad, despondent, gloomy, depressed, stressed, worried, not coping, struggling, miserable, lethargic, dejected, in low spirits, glum, going through a rough patch. English has so many words for being unhappy. It’s not surprising, given how terrible sadness can be—especially over a sustained period of time. We often downplay it, believing that acknowledging it betrays [...]

Get smart about your college experience!

by guest blogger Nicole Gittleman The transition from high school to college is a very prominent one. Some high school students move away from home, many to a university where they don’t know anyone.  Classes normally become much more intellectually stimulating, meaning you can’t get away with doing your homework in homeroom anymore. For those students [...]

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Self Care for Superwomen

Get Smart Girls are many things: leaders, volunteers, students, mentors, daughters and sisters, friends and special someones. We are excellent in what we are called to do. We are strong, unwavering rocks of support for our loved ones. We are everyday superwomen, but it’s so easy to forget to turn those superpowers of love and [...]