About Aleksandra Waciuta

Aleksandra Waciuta is a junior college student. She is majoring in Communication Studies at The College of New Jersey with a minor in Marketing. She is from Butler, NJ, which is located in Northern New Jersey. She has lived with her parents her whole life until going away to school in 2013, and she is an only child. Both of her parents are Polish, and she learned to fluently speak, read, and write in the language when she was in kindergarten. Aleksandra is a part of the Kappa Delta Sorority Chapter at her school, and hopes to some day hold a council position in the chapter. She is also involved in community service clubs on campus and recently went on a mission trip to New Orleans to rebuild homes after the disastrous Hurricane Katrina. She is excited to work with Get Smart Mentoring for the semester, and is thankful for this awesome opportunity!

Take the Giving Tuesday Challenge with Aleksandra

To me, Giving Tuesday represents something so important. It is the one day during the year that we are encouraged to give back to charities, non-profits, and other organizations. The day brings people together while encouraging them to give back and celebrate the idea of giving. If we all work together and put an effort [...]

Is It Worth It to Take Risks?

Oftentimes, when we are put in difficult situations, our minds convince us that it is best to simply take the easy way out. We have the power to convince ourselves that taking any sort of risk is not worth the extra stress and pressure that we would have to face as a result. We often [...]

The Keys to Confidence

Many of us can relate to and look back on situations in which we did not feel as though we were not confident enough to take on a task or overcome a struggle. I know I have, anyway. Our confidence levels may be low at times, and this can get in the way of everyday [...]

Creating a Life of Balance and Less Stress

Everyone has those days during which they feel completely stressed out, as though they can’t keep up with the fast paced environments around them. For college students and young adults in particular, tasks such as studying and doing well in school, working hard, maintaining social lives and spending time with families can be difficult to [...]

Roommate Survival: 101

Going off to college as a freshman may seem like one of the biggest transitions that you will make in your early life. And in a way, it is! From leaving behind your friends and family to adjusting to the idea that you will not come home to a freshly cooked meal every night, the [...]

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