AWaciutaPicEveryone has those days during which they feel completely stressed out, as though they can’t keep up with the fast paced environments around them. For college students and young adults in particular, tasks such as studying and doing well in school, working hard, maintaining social lives and spending time with families can be difficult to fit all into a tight schedule. As a college student myself, I sometimes find it hard to deal with these pressures. I don’t always know how to handle situations in which I feel as though I must choose between certain aspects of my life to tend to. Luckily, while dealing with stressful situations and busy schedules for the past few years, I have been able to learn some simple ways to keep somewhat of a balance in my life.

Doing simple things throughout the day can help me feel less stressed out and more confident about what I have to do. Here are some things that I’ve learned that can turn stressful situations into those that are much more bearable to deal with:

  1. Creating a basic daily list of things to do when getting overwhelmed has lifted a serious weight off of my shoulders in many situations. This is much better than trying to remember every little thing that I have to tend to during the day. Making a list of things to do is easy, and does not take a lot of time whatsoever. And the best thing about making a list of things to do is the fulfillment you feel when you can finally cross something off!
  2. Taking short breaks between tasks to gather my thoughts throughout the day has become one of the most important things I’ve learned to do. No matter how stressed I feel, I always find time in my day to relax and breathe because creating a more stressful situation for myself rarely comes to my advantage in the long run.
  3. Plan tasks throughout the day and for the future. Planning what I have to do before doing it will most often result in a smoother process. Planning what I have to do in the future also saves me a great deal of stress when I actually come around to these tasks.
  4. Decide what your priorities are. By understanding my priorities, I have been able to work through many issues in the past. This way, when being stuck in situations where I have to decide between studying for a midterm exam or going out with friends, my decisions were much clearer and easier to make.
  5. Treating yourself is probably one of the best ways to stay on task and reward yourself after a great effort. I’ve learned that being productive deserves to be noticed, and there is nothing wrong with treating yourself after completing tasks. This generally keeps me motivated in the future.

Keeping a balance in our lives between social, academic and professional aspects is important for not only our health but also for our sanity! Personally, after following some of these points, I feel as though I have created more of a balance in my life. Though I do still find myself in stressful situations, I always try to remind myself to take a deep breath and that everything always works out in one way or another. Sometimes I remind myself that as long as I put forth my best effort, everything will ultimately fall into place on its own.