About Charlotte Kimmel

Charlotte attends Virginia Tech, where she earned a Bachelors degree in English with a minor in Classical Studies, and is currently working on her Masters in Education, specifically for teaching English as a second language. While in Undergraduate School, Charlotte led was a member of a service sorority where she volunteered with the Coalition for Refugee Resettlement, Special Olympics, and other local organizations. She is a member of the Language, Violence, Non-Violence Research Group where she is currently studying the effects that language can enhance and limit education, thus promoting peace or violence. Charlotte has taught her own writing classes, and is now part of an ESL teaching internship while she obtains her licensure to teach. She hopes to continue to be a part of empowering young women from all cultures, and encouraging their education

Get Smart with Charlotte about #GivingTuesday

We show up to our favorite stores for Black Friday, we browse for good finds on Cyber Monday, but is there a moment when we step back and truly think of what we are thankful for this season? On Giving Tuesday, we are presented with the challenge of thinking for others. There are people, causes, [...]

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Get Smart about Introverts

They are some of our favorite, mysterious characters like Sherlock Holmes, the Sundance Kid, or Wesley from The Princess Bride. They become the surprising heroes of some of our favorite books, like Severus Snape or Mr. Darcy. Sometimes, they even make the best vigilantes, like Batman. They are a vital part of many dynamic duos [...]

Get Smart about Education for Women

 80% of all human trafficking victims are female. 75% of AIDS cases in Sub-Saharan Africa are women and girls. The leading cause of death for young teenage girls is childbirth. Women are globally more susceptible victims to these injustices. Why? Because 66 million girls are out of school right now, and 33 million fewer girls [...]

Get Smart and Pound the Table

I bet there’s something in your life that your friends are tired of hearing about. I bet every time they even have an inkling that you are going to start on your rant or tirade, they role their eyes, sigh, and get ready for your face to turn red. At least, I hope that happens to [...]