charlotteWe show up to our favorite stores for Black Friday, we browse for good finds on Cyber Monday, but is there a moment when we step back and truly think of what we are thankful for this season? On Giving Tuesday, we are presented with the challenge of thinking for others. There are people, causes, and organizations that we can all be thankful for especially during the holidays, and Giving Tuesday is a day to remember and thank those who have contributed to our lives.

GivingTuesinternsAs for me, I am thankful for those strong women who have mentored me, and I am especially thankful for Get Smart. Someone once told me this illustration about the Dead Sea: “There are thousands of nutrients that flow into the Dead Sea, but it’s not called the Alive Sea, because there is no way for the nutrients to deposit some good benefits and then flow out to other rivers. Instead, they all gather in the Sea, and create a deposit that is not accommodating for life. In the same way, mentoring and community is important, because once something is poured into you, it is important for you to pour into others. That way, you can create a healthy community rather than one person weighted down with knowledge who is unwilling to share it.” Get Smart is a vital organization because it is an advocate for mentoring, community, and the sharing of knowledge and life.

I challenge you, this Giving Tuesday, to save the money that you would usually use to treat yourself to Starbucks, and instead donate it to Get Smart so you can treat young women. Click here to donate now. Why? Donate because you will treat them to a mentor, self-confidence, and leadership. To me, that sounds even better than a Caramel Mocha Latte.

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