umbrella standing out from the crowd vintage effect photoAs we look deep within ourselves, we realize that we are so influenced by the world around us. The clothes we wear, our hairstyles, our attitudes and mannerisms are all built from some sort of foundation. However, the build up from that foundation does not have to be identical to those who surround us.

What we experience and what we are presented with in life give us building blocks for personal development. The negatives and positives both build character and help us grow into who we are, even though we may not be the biggest fan of the negatives at the time.

Instead of simply mimicking others, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Individuality becomes even more important as we start to grow older. We want to be able to stand as our own and not be solely associated with one group or one kind of person. You must build your own path.

Don’t compare yourself to others: This is a hard thing not to do. I always catch myself comparing certain aspects of my appearance to others or even my grades in class, and I always end up putting myself down. It can be a lot of work to not compare ourselves, because frankly, it is part of human nature. I’ve found that it is easier to not belittle myself and recognize the great things about my life and who I am. Of course we can admire others talents and looks, but it is better to be inspired rather than to compare ourselves in a negative way.

Learn from your mistakes: We all make mistakes everyday, some a lot bigger than others. It is important to remember that no matter how large the mistake, you will grow and learn from it. It is simply not worth it to beat yourself over doing something ‘wrong,’ but to take that experience and remember it later on when faced with a similar situation.

Make yourself happy: I feel that this tip is the key to truly being who you really are and who you are meant to be. Always remember to do things to make yourself happy and have ‘you time.’ Physical health and mental health are equally important. That being said, to be your own you, you need to do things that you enjoy and love yourself while doing it.


Moral of the story is be your own person and always stay true to yourself. Surround yourself with positivity and live your life how you chose to live it!