The college process is a huge step in a young adult’s life. There is uncertainty about career paths, where you want to live or commute to for the next four years and how to fit into the university community. With over 2,400 four year institutions in the United States alone, there are endless options for students.  

As the applications roll through the admissions offices all around the country, the anxiety kicks. Awaiting the hope-to-be acceptance letters and then coming to the ultimate day of choosing the right school for you by May 1st.

The summer before move in day becomes a cluster of emotions. One minute you’re upset with leaving your normal life at home and the next you cannot wait to be out on your own. When moving through to the next stage of your life, there are a few things to remember regardless of the school:

  • Always be true to yourself- Finding the right group of friends throughout your college experience is one of the top worries for incoming students. You’ll meet people who you may get along with in the beginning but then try to change who you are. This isn’t always a bad thing… in fact, it happens to the best of us. Friends and opportunities may come to us, but it is always important to not let new people in our lives change who we truly are, especially in this new four-year chapter.
  • Step out of your comfort zone- College is full of opportunities everywhere you turn. Sometimes this can be intimidating… How do I join a club/sport? How do I find an internship? What is my first step to take? Make sure to never be afraid to ask questions. There is always someone to ask whether it is an upperclassmen, administrator, or a professor. There is a way to get your questions answered. Involvement can be a challenge for some of us, but it will make your college experience a more enjoyable and well-rounded one. College is all about broadening your horizons to help you grow as an individual. Being timid of academic, athletic or cultural opportunities could be a regret to your college career.
  • Treasure every moment- Time sure does fly by. The most important aspect of college is enjoying yourself. Get the most out of your classes, attend campus-wide events, meet people, and make connections with as many of them as possible.

As I move onto my final year of college, I look and smile back at all of the memories I have made and how much I have learned thus far. College definitely makes you grow so much personally and professionally, so soak up every moment and enjoy the ride!