About Jessie Brown

Jessie is a junior at Elon University studying Strategic Communications and Spanish. She has a passion for public relations, social media, and marketing. Last semester, Jessie traveled to London where she had the opportunity to explore the British way of life and hopes to return to Europe after graduation. Jessie has an obsession with her five year old Goldendoodle, Molly, and is bold enough to admit she takes way too many selfies with her.

Six Things to Know Before Going Abroad

Going abroad last fall to London was one of the most enriching experiences I could have ever asked for. Although I had spoken to several people who previously traveled and studied abroad, there were several things that were simply not discussed that I wish people had mentioned to me before I left. Here are just [...]

How to Be Successful at Your Internship

With the internship season starting soon, it is important to know a few things before you start your first day. For me, this will be my first official in-office internship, as I’ve had two virtual internships (including Get Smart!). I can’t wait to get started. Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions: Your supervisors want to [...]

Get Smart: Studying Abroad with Panic Disorder

My sophomore year of college didn’t start the way I expected it to. I arrived on campus, ready to jump back into the same routine I had freshman year: go to class, meet a friend for a meal, do homework, go to the gym, attend sorority meetings and other extracurriculars, go to bed, and repeat. [...]

Greek Life Changed Me for the Better

When I started looking at colleges in my junior year of high school, I was looking for only a few things: small class sizes, lots of extracurricular activities, community service options, and a club and intramural sports program. I was not considering Greek Life much because I didn’t know many older friends involved in it [...]

A Time at Ashton Woods is a Time Well Spent

Imagine yourself pulling into a degraded, run down apartment complex in the outskirts of Greensboro, North Carolina. The buildings’ brown paint is chipping away, and the ambiance is mellow. You roll over a few speed bumps, weaving around the complex, exposing yourself to the folks that live there, most of whom do not have a [...]

Why Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence Matters

With 1 in 3 college women being effected by domestic violence in her lifetime, this is something we can no longer ignore. As a sister of Alpha Chi Omega and long time supporter of uplifting women to new heights, domestic violence is an issue that can no longer be silenced. Alpha Chi Omega is proud [...]