JessieBrown_picWhen I started looking at colleges in my junior year of high school, I was looking for only a few things: small class sizes, lots of extracurricular activities, community service options, and a club and intramural sports program. I was not considering Greek Life much because I didn’t know many older friends involved in it who could tell me what it was all about. But in the end, I’m glad I chose a school that had Greek Life on its campus.

Coming to college as a shy, nervous freshman, nobody told me how hard it would be to start from scratch and make friends all over again. All my older friends talked about was how fun it was being on your own and having the freedom to make your own choices. Adjusting was really hard for me, and I started thinking maybe Elon wasn’t the place for me. Then, I decided spontaneously to rush a sorority.

At first, I didn’t know what to expect. A lot of the conversations I had with women on campus were so forced and unnatural, and I wondered if this was how all of Greek Life was. Then, I stepped into the Alpha Chi Omega house. The conversations were so incredibly authentic that I couldn’t help but not want to leave. To this day I still remember a conversation I had with my sister Lauren about how much we loved to bake. We bonded over our love for brownies for a solid 15 minutes. The conversation wasn’t about my major or where I lived on campus. I was having real conversations about things I loved, and that was what stood out so much to me. Being in the Alpha Chi Omega house completely changed my perception about Greek Life and all of the cattiness I had heard throughout recruitment week.

Bid day rolled around, and opening my bid card was almost like finding out if I got into my top college or not. It was exciting and nerve-racking all in one. The card read Alpha Chi Omega. I ran down the hill into the arms of my future sisters and couldn’t have been happier.

GreekLifeBeing apart of Greek Life for the last three years has given me more than I ever could have expected or hoped for. I truly believe that it is because of Alpha Chi Omega that I am the strong woman I am today. My sorority and my sisters have brought out the best in me. I started college as a shy, nervous young woman, and for any of my home friends reading this, you know that is not me. Alpha Chi brought out the goofy, engaged, and spunky Jessie that I was before coming to school, and I am ever so grateful for that. Alpha Chi has given me a second family – cheesy I know – that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I can go to these girls for anything and everything and that is something I am so incredibly thankful for. I am so thankful for my Big, Little, and now G-Little, who have shown me what it means to be myself. It gave me my two closest friends – Bruna and Caitlyn – who have been by my side since the day after Bid Day 2014.

I don’t think I would have stayed at Elon if it wasn’t for joining Greek Life and Alpha Chi Omega. Being in a sorority and being surrounded by the most selfless women on campus has brought out the best in me and has shown me I have so much more potential than I have given myself credit for. This is something I would never trade or take back because it has given me so much; I just hope I can somehow, someday return the favor.


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