About Lisa Jaume

Lisa is currently wrapping up her senior year at William Paterson University, close to her home in New Jersey. She is a Media Production major with a minor in Political Science and she hopes to pursue a career working for non-profit organizations with as powerful and meaningful a purpose as Get Smart. Her true passion is writing but she enjoys practicing yoga, painting, hot cup of tea, and spending time with her pit-bull, Luna. She has a sincere love of animals, passion for empowering women and cannot wait to share her personal experiences, learn from others, and grow as part of the Get Smart team!

3 Things To Consider Before Deciding Not to Vote

So it begins… the debates, the attack ads, the speeches, and the misspoken moments played over and over again on our television screens. Sometimes it seems easier just to stay out of all the political drama that consumes our nation from now until November 2016. Here’s why you definitely shouldn’t: Your voice is powerful. Speak [...]

Media Overload: Authenticity Is Hard To Come By

With countless outlets of media on so many different platforms dictating our daily lives, it’s almost too easy to get caught up in the digital world. But at what cost? When do we become too consumed by media and lose sight of who we are? This past week, a huge trending topic around social media [...]

Life after Graduation

I’m graduating college… now what? Say yes to higher education: Why not go back to graduate school? It’s said that on average, those who receive their Master’s degree earn up to 30% more than those who don’t. I know the idea of going back to school when you’ve just finished a tumultuous four years of your [...]

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5 Tips from an Experienced Complainer

Go ahead, let it out… For some reason I find something very soothing about venting. There seems to be no easier way for me to release all of my stress and tension then to complain about it to my friends.  Sometimes a hearty rant can solve all of my problems. But are there guidelines to [...]

Women Are Intriguing with Their Clothes On

Whether it is washing a car in a bikini or crawling across a sandy beach, it’s clear that the world of media represents the phony idea that women are always sexual and that we are constantly seeking sexual attention. Women are too often painted like desperate trolls continually trying to scheme up ways to get [...]

The Twisted Beauty Standards of TV Today

It’s hard to name a show on television that doesn’t have a beautiful woman in it. No seriously, you probably couldn’t name one widely popular TV series whose cast doesn’t consist of at least one token "pretty person." That's because the hard truth is on most all platforms of media, pretty sells. But sometimes I [...]

Top Ten Things the Media Gets WRONG about Women

10. You’ve been stranded on an island for months, why is your hair perfect? On television shows like Lost, which is about people stranded on a mysterious island, the flawless Evangeline Lilly remains the object of affection for the fellow male survivors. While the show does a great job of making sure her shirt has [...]

Five Reasons You Can Befriend Other Girls

All too often I hear girls say, "I can’t be friends with girls, they're crazy" or,  “girls are just too much drama."  What causes girls to think so negatively about other girls? Why cant we all just get along? So here are five reasons why you can totally be friends with other girls. Because “girl” isn’t [...]

5 Reasons Why Skinny Shaming Is a Real Thing

Unfortunately, skinny shaming is a real thing...and here's why: 1. Because telling someone who’s skinny to "eat a cheeseburger" is the same as telling a heavy person to "put down the fork." An insult is an insult, and referring to someone’s body, as "a stick" isn’t pleasing to hear. Telling someone, “if you turned sideways [...]