LJaumePicI’m graduating college… now what?

Say yes to higher education: Why not go back to graduate school? It’s said that on average, those who receive their Master’s degree earn up to 30% more than those who don’t. I know the idea of going back to school when you’ve just finished a tumultuous four years of your undergrad seems grim. So don’t. It’s a good idea to gain professional experience in the real word workforce before deciding what to go back to school for. Spending two or three years in the job you thought you wanted may lead you to earn a graduate degree in something entirely different than you thought your first year out of college.

Lend a helping hand: Maybe take the summer after graduation to pad your resume with some impressive volunteer work while you’re on the job hunt. There is an irreplaceably rewarding feeling that comes with volunteering. Grab a friend or family member and see where your help is needed; what better way to pass the time on your journey to self-fulfillment then to help those in need with some volunteer work?

Be nice to everyone: Networking is essential in post-grad life. It’s crucial that you’re cordial and pleasant with everyone in professional work environments because you never know who knows who, and who may become a connection for your future dream job. It also never hurts to stay up-to-date on your LinkedIn account and make connections that way. This is the age of social media…don’t fight it.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailRelax, you’ll find your way: I once had a professor tell me to not stress so much about graduation because whatever you’re doing now, or want to do now, chances are you’re going to be doing something entirely different in five years anyway. What I took from that was that I needed to stop over-planning. If I’m constantly worrying about what I should be doing, then I’m subconsciously limiting myself to what could otherwise be amazing opportunities that ultimately lead to personal growth.

Having a career is great but it’s important to find a job that aligns with who you are as a person as opposed to a job that aligns with what you learned in a classroom.

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