About Shradha Shetty

Shradha is currently an undergraduate student in her junior year at New York University. She is a politics major and is also pursuing a Business Studies and Sociology minor. Having lived and studied in India most of her life, Shradha moved to New York with the goal of understanding and learning more about the world and consequently use all her experiences and knowledge to become a social entrepreneur and contribute to the global society. She believes that it is never to late to make an impact on the world and with a little guidance and perseverance nothing is impossible.

Get Smart with Shradha about #GivingTuesday

On one hand there is Black Friday, where we indulge in really crazy deals, sales and absolute chaos. Then there is Cyber Monday, where we are absorbed into the virtual world of discounts and sales. But now there is a new and much more rewarding event that has come our way–Giving Tuesday! For obvious reasons, [...]

Just One More Cup of Coffee: 5 Ways to Listen to your GUT!

I was sitting in class, extremely sleep deprived and finishing my first cup of coffee; I had pulled another all-nighter trying to finish an important assignment. The professor was about to discuss something extremely important but I couldn’t seem to pay attention. I really needed another cup of coffee. I thought, if I rushed to [...]

Get Smart about Gender Segregation

Anyone who is an avid fan of the television show FRIENDS remembers the episode where Ross goes berserk when he see’s his son Ben playing with a doll. He finds it "unmanly" and forces Ben to play with other toys that are considered more appropriate for boys. The funny twist was that Ross only begins [...]

One Person, Two Cultures, Two Lives By Get Smart Gal, Shradha

Sometimes I feel like I have two different lives, one back home in India and the other here in New York. Even though I come from a very modern and broad-minded family, when I am home I have a curfew of 8:30 p.m., I have to constantly inform my parents about my whereabouts and there [...]