shradhaOn one hand there is Black Friday, where we indulge in really crazy deals, sales and absolute chaos. Then there is Cyber Monday, where we are absorbed into the virtual world of discounts and sales. But now there is a new and much more rewarding event that has come our way–Giving Tuesday!

For obvious reasons, it is hard to stop ourselves from participating in the craziness of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But to balance it all out (and for a certain few who need to revert their karma), Giving Tuesday is the perfect start. It’s as simple as buying a dress in a store or a laptop online, but instead you give to an organization that is working for a strong and extraordinary cause. Just because Thanksgiving is over, that doesn’t mean we have to stop giving right as the clock hits 12. Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to extend our giving habits and help organizations develop and prosper.

Being part of such a wonderful event, both as an individual and through an organization, has made me understand the notion that even a small step can make a big difference. Get Smart is such vivacious and bright organization and it has opened my eyes to the importance of mentoring and women empowerment. We are all confused or stuck at some point in our lives, and whether we like to admit or not, we need some direction. Having a mentor or a similar source helps us gain this direction. We tend to hesitate to ask for help or guidance afraid that we will be portrayed as weak or naïve. But the truth is that everyone needs a push, a helping hand and a finger that points us to the right direction. Every moment and everything engulfing Get Smart provided me with this opportunity.

The biggest and the most important advantage of having a mentor is that you know for sure that you are not alone in whatever situation you are dealing with. The presence of a mentor is evidence that there is someone who had a similar experience or faced a similar obstacle like you. Mentors, especially peer mentors, can connect with and understand your situation the best. Being a part of Get Smart made me realize that I am never alone, that there is someone out there who is also in the same situation as I am. The Get Smart girls all have such differing yet strong perspectives that I am able to look at the world through their lens. Every perspective refined my direction and therefore stopped me from doubting myself – we are all mentors and we didn’t even know it!

GivingTuesinternsIt is more than essential that Get Smart expand into a larger and global platform. There are several girls, teenagers and women out there who are in need of mentors and guidance; Get Smart is the organization that makes it possible! Everything an individual needs is right in the heart of the organization, and all we need now is a driving force that enables Get Smart to flourish and spread word. Even a small contribution can change the dynamic of the organization and it’s members. So make Get Smart a part of your Giving Tuesday initiative! Click to give to Get Smart now.

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