Since the start of the new year, I have had the incredible opportunity to intern with Get Smart Mentoring. Through this opportunity, I have been able to hone my writing skills and learn more about myself through the process. I have met some incredible women who I intern with, both from the United States and Canada. Although I’ve never met these lovely ladies in person, they have created such a supportive and welcome environment for me to thrive in and share my personal stories that I did not expect to open up about previously.


Giving back has always been something that is important to me and I feel as though I am able to give back to others through my writing with Get Smart. This organization has done so much for me and I would love to give back to Get Smart in any way I could. This is where you come in – if you are feeling inclined, any donation to my fundraising page counts and will make a huge impact on the sustainability and development of the organization. Please consider donating and if you have any questions about the organization or the type of work I do with it, do not hesitate to reach out.