About Caroline McCausland

Caroline McCausland is a recent graduate of Ramapo College having majored in Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. Caroline is the oldest of four siblings, and attributes her need to be involved on campus to the busy household environment she grew up in. She is an active sister of Theta Phi Alpha sorority, and holds the positions of Philanthropy and Songchair in the Beta Sigma chapter. Through her work as Philanthropy chair, Caroline has dealt closely with well-recognized organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer awareness, the Eva's Village soup kitchen in Paterson NJ, and volunteering at the local nursing home just up the road from school. In her free time, this girl loves thrift shopping around New York City and grabbing heroes at her favorite restaurant in the world, The Meatball Shop. Caroline hopes to one day be a writer and inspire others, especially women, through her works.

Get Smart: The Hardships of Losing a Friend

As much as I would love to compare everything to the analogy of breaking up with a boyfriend, losing a friend is much worse. When you’re in a relationship with a significant other, there is always this slight possibility that things might not work out. As lovely and promising it seems to fantasize about your [...]

Don’t Settle: Get Smart about Entering the Work Force After College

After graduating college just a few weeks ago, I immediately entered the pool of “I will take any job that hires me.” My first bite was with a legal services company offering me my very own cubicle space! When people asked me about the position and what exactly I would be doing, I sort of [...]

Get Smart for Summer!

Summer Survival Tips for 20 Something’s! 1. Wear sunscreen.  I know, I hate it too.  But it is beyond important to protect your skin, especially if you want to be in your 60’s one day and have people asking if your daughter is actually your daughter or your sister.  Put a little SPF 15 on [...]