Summer Survival Tips for 20 Something’s!

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail1. Wear sunscreen.  I know, I hate it too.  But it is beyond important to protect your skin, especially if you want to be in your 60’s one day and have people asking if your daughter is actually your daughter or your sister.  Put a little SPF 15 on in the mornings, and reapply throughout the day if you know you’ll be outside!

2. Save your money.  It may be tempting to plan elaborate trips across the country with your three best friends and a full tank of gas, but keep in mind how much you can do right in your own backyard.  Have a few people over to watch a TV show finale, walk the High Line in New York City, or Google how to plan a scavenger hunt…and then actually do it.

3. Drink up!  I’m not talking about alcohol here.  I’m talking about staying hydrated. Invest in a reusable water bottle that you can take everywhere.  They say you should have up to 8 glasses of water a day, but who’s counting, right?  Just be conscious of keeping yourself safe and healthy.

4. Go outside.  We complain all winter about cleaning the snow off our cars and how the cold air makes our faces hurt, so we should soak up every second of warm weather that we possibly can! Try to think of activities you that normally do inside, and take them outside, such as reading a book or painting your nails.

5. And on that note, read a book.  I know that I personally say that I can’t read much during the school year because of homework and classes.  But once summer comes around, we really don’t have those excuses anymore.  Take advantage of any free time you might have and read something because you want to, instead of for your professor or assignment.

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6. Try new foods.  I feel like the summer is time to explore and expand our taste palettes.  I’m not yet sure why this coincides or what this has to do with the weather.  Maybe because many new restaurants open in the summer and there is a little more free-time to go around and try them out!

7. Explore your town. The summer is a great time to not only find new areas to hang out, but to explore the old ones too.  Find a new deli that’s just opened up, or make friends with the cashier you’ve always wanted to talk to at the cupcake shop.  Go outside of the box in a familiar territory, and you may be surprised with what you find.

8. Maximum battery power! I always follow the golden role of keeping my phone charger on me at all times.  I use one of my old ones, that is a little frayed but still functional, so that I’m not devastated if it does happen to get lost or left behind somewhere.  Most places have accessible outlets, and even some restaurants and bars will charge your phone behind the counter as long as you provide the cord.

9. August is right around the corner. Although we’d love to believe that summer could last forever, keep in mind that school and/or employment is coming up in the fall.  Not to put a damper on your fun times, but just try to keep a level-headed mindset about getting back on the grind when the leaves change color.

10. Spend time with your friends. This might sound silly as a reminder, but sometimes we tend to forget.  Take that drive to go have lunch and catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while.  Go out to dinner and find new places to eat together.  You’ll be glad when the summer is over and you can look back on all the great memories.

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