About Johanna Pulgarin

Johanna is a senior at Montclair State University getting her bachelors degree in English and minoring in Creative Writing and Journalism. She's an avid reader and writer, and tries to squeeze in as much time for both whenever she can. As she gets ready to enter "the real world" she's excited to share her experiences with other young women, and hopes that by doing so she'll both learn and inspire others through her own stories. Being a little older than the average college student has allowed her to think of her goals and priorities in a different light, and she has become a firm believer in living the life you want to live, the way you want to live it. Her interests include music, books, traveling, fitness, and her boxer dog Rocky.

Get Smart with Johanna on #GivingTuesday

On Tuesday, December 2nd, people around the world will be taking part in #GivingTuesday, a new tradition that can really make a difference. We’ve already dedicated a day to give thanks, and a day to get deals. Now, we have dedicated a day to GIVE BACK! The wonderful thing about Giving Tuesday is that anyone [...]

Get Smart about Procrastination

My name is Johanna, and I am a chronic procrastinator. Early on in my high school career, I discovered that I was really good at finishing assignments last minute. Like, really good. And when I say last minute, I mean morning-of, or during lunch, or in the class period before it was due. It became [...]

Get Smart about the #HeForShe Campaign

As a super-massive Harry Potter fan, I have been blown away by how Emma Watson, the actress that played Hermione in the book series' film adaptions, has grown. She's become an extremely intelligent and inspiring young woman, and has recently been named the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. That's kind of a big deal. In her [...]

Get Smart about Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Whether they’re your parents, significant others, the first friends you made in kindergarten or the ones you just met in class this semester, the relationships you keep effect you more than you think. We’ve all experienced the stress caused by a toxic friend, or as I like to call them, the “frenemies.” Do you remember [...]