LBarryPicThere’s a common saying that I have heard a lot through my years at college: “It’s not what you know but who you know.” While it’s important to learn about your field, it is also very important to get connected with people in your field and people outside of your field. Creating a LinkedIn account can help you make those connections and here are my reasons why you should get connected:

  1. Connection with professors or colleagues to find job or internship possibilities: Did you find your counterterrorism class interesting? Get connected with your professor on LinkedIn. Chances are your professor is connected with other professors and professionals outside of campus. You can write about your interests in your summary section of LinkedIn. This summary section can showcase what you are passionate about and with what you would like to get involved. Your professor or someone that you met at an event can have a friend who is looking for an intern or volunteer for their organization. I have had this happen to me! Your professor or colleague knows you personally and knows your potential so they can highly recommend you. This will also bring on new internship and career possibilities that you may have never thought of.
  2. New Job - Small Flag on a Map Background.Joining groups: Join your high school group, your college group, your sorority group…you get the picture. Alumni or people in the group may have job opportunities or know someone who does. Groups also have discussion walls were you can chat about anything from how to have a great interview to how others deal with issues in the work place. I have found that groups are very insightful because everyone has different experiences that they share. I am in a few groups related to schools I have attended, my major, and my sorority! Get connected with what you are passionate about.
  3. Professionals look at your page; it should shine: Your page is your chance to stand out and showcase who you are. Highlighting your skills is easy with the skills section of LinkedIn and the best part is that people can endorse you! Endorsements from others show that you do in fact have these skills. It’s also easy to post your resume, have previous employers post recommendations on your page, and highlight projects that you have been involved with. You can post PowerPoints, articles, and anything that you have done which you believe will show potential employers your skills.


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