Liz Barry, 20 years old, The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

One of my fondest members was during our first Oovoo chat and when Steph (our fearless leader) told us how we had women from all over the globe on our call, whether if it was India, Japan, New Jersey, or Washington D.C., we all came together to bring our passions and talents to Get Smart. I am going to miss having the community that we created where we would discuss motivational news sources, or talk about campaigns in the news (is it really gold or is it blue?). We all had different perspectives based upon on life experiences, but our common beliefs in the power of a woman was always a common thread. I think that mentoring is something that is important for young women because you’ll always have someone in your corner who is cheering you on and helping you realize your full potential. Mentoring has given me the ability to meet someone who has been through it all and is there to support me and meet me where I am at. Get Smart is currently on our way to creating a mentoring platform which will be accessible to all young women. With your help,we will be able to provide mentoring services to young women across the globe and help to inspire the next generation of leaders. Please consider making any type of donation to help for the rising of girls all over the world.