Preparing for Grad School?

Raising your GPA, bulking up your resumé and transcript, getting an internship (or multiple internships), having relevant job experience, figuring out what you want to do with your career, picking out a specific career track/program/practice, researching what tests you have to take to qualify for a program, seeing where you might want to go to [...]

Run the Track, Don’t Compete With the Track

To all the non-runners out there, no worries, this won’t be a you must start running after reading this article. But, it will be motivational towards running your brain track. To all the already runners of the track, I commend you on running. I never ran the track; even in high school I would always [...]

Lessons Learned from Dating My Best Friend

I met Max my freshman year of high school, when I was 14. However, we didn’t start dating until I was 19. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but we started spending more and more time together, then time alone. Then hours on end with this kid had me thinking I didn’t want to [...]

Adding Purpose to Unexpected Changes

Sometimes things happen that we don’t plan for. It’s inevitable that (no matter who you are) at one point or another, there will be unpredictable turns of events – good or bad – that can make you reshape your perspectives or values. You might face moments that take up time in your day, space in [...]

Be True to Yourself: Get Smart Now

I never felt like I was true to myself growing up. I lived to please, and let others make my decisions. Like a puppet, people controlled my strings, and all the while, I struggled to figure out who I was supposed to be. I was not my own person. I was molded into the different [...]

Get Smart about Controlling Your Own Tomorrow

I am all about being flexible with the relationship between your heart and mind. Painting a beautiful passionate mess all over the picture perfect life you’ve created in your head. But allowing yourself to be a rag doll with no purpose, being pulled in thousands of different directions, is not what I am getting at. [...]

Lost in the “Real World”? Get Smart and Find Your Calling

In talking to many of my friends, who have recently graduated from college as I have, it seems like life has become vastly different than it was a year or two ago. Some of us are sitting behind computer screens, working 9-5 (or, more realistically, 8-8). Some of us are running from field work to [...]