Brigette ColaizzoTo all the non-runners out there, no worries, this won’t be a you must start running after reading this article. But, it will be motivational towards running your brain track.

To all the already runners of the track, I commend you on running. I never ran the track; even in high school I would always walk the track.

When we keep track of our wins and losses and use these to depict how successful or unsuccessful we are; we focus on of how we did anything. Instead, run the track and go with the flow.

Don’t look at everyone else on the track, you have to experience. Experiencing is full of ups, downs, successes and failures.

We can’t learn everything from it being easy, it being hard and challenging us is how we figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

Let me give you an example of a go with the flow event. When I was younger, I was eating my favorite donut: lemon filled powdered donut (unfortunately, they have discontinued selling it). While I was eating this donut, the lemon filling had fallen out onto a napkin. Instead of me being upset that the filling had fallen, I licked the napkin because I knew that looking at it as an epic fail of eating a donut wouldn’t fix the situation. I didn’t look at anyone else how maybe they were eating their donut neater than me but instead I enjoyed it.

So how can you run your brain track, like my 11 year old self did?

• First things first, enjoy the track you are running on- Don’t look at what anyone else is doing on the track but you. If on your track you see your success taking years — then let it take years because that is what works for you. Not ‘well they can complete this in a couple days why can’t I?

• Don’t measure your successes, but the steps you take- If we only look at all the successes and failures, we only see the successes and failures. We don’t see the steps we took, the memories we made, or the experiences we have taken from it. You have taken so many steps to go for what you want in life and no matter what you have gotten out of it you are still running. So keep running.

• Lastly, go with the flow- If you keep looking back to every move you made, you will miss seeing what is in front of you. Go with the flow, if what you want doesn’t go as planned, it doesn’t go as planned. You don’t have to keep looking back to it and trying to figure out the ‘what- ifs’. Instead, think ‘what could be? Let me just go for it!’.

Now you are ready to buy some new running shoes for your brain. Get some cool ones like the ones that have hidden roller skate wheels.